10F-10, No. 237, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Rd.,
Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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Specializing in completed bicycles, parts, accessories, fitness products, sporting goods, motorcycle parts. To serve overseas customer in any capacity desired. Suncycle has the resources available to source / develop product, open tooling, run production, arrange inspection, consolidation and offer logistic service to ship out the product to end customer. communications is a prime occupation. Suncycle would like to be

Suncycle is structured to tap the many resources in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for the benefit of its customers. Suncycle was one of the first local companies to invest in China and set up our business there.
Suncycle is structured to respond to the particular needs of its customers. It is well connected to source products in Taiwan and China. Since 1992, we have the factory in Shenzhen and produce Cr-Mo and aluminum tubing in house. Meanwhile, we introduced several advanced CNC machining centers and then focused on frame tubes and bicycle parts. Moreover, we develop hydroforming mold by ourselves to fulfill our customers’ need.
c)RESPONSIBILITY : Suncycle understands foreign markets, the needs and expectations of overseas customers, and has the structure and resources to fulfill these needs responsibly. It has strong financial base and excellent banking facilities and support. Suncycle cultivates good relationships with the local vendors. It acts as a bridge in ensuring a real trust between both sides so that business can transpire unimpeded. This is Suncycle’s mission.

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